3 Important Parts To An Effective Sales System: According to Patrick Bet David

I watched a great video on Valuetainment that broke down three important parts to a sales system.

Let me break down the video and what it discusses.

In the world of business, sales is very important. It is the first thing you should focus on doing when you are starting out with your business. Sales is needed to continue to grow your business over the long run. Most businesses focus on the closing part of the sales process. There are two other parts of the process that typically gets brushed off to the side.

Here are the three important parts to an effective sales system: Finder, Closer, and Developer.

#1. The Finder

The finder introduces you to new markets. The finders are good at connecting with others and bringing people together. The finder focuses on networking, and getting through gatekeepers to the decision makers.

#2. The Closer

The closer typically follows a sales script and is confident in dealing and interacting with people. The closer interacts with the people that the finder brought to them, makes the offer, and closes the deals.

#3. The Developer

The developer follows up with the clients after the sale has been made. The developer will make sure the client is well taken care of and will continue to build and develop the relationship over time.

Do you have a good finder?

Most businesses may only be focused on having a good closer, but may neglect to build a system the incorporates the other two important parts. According to Patrick Bet David, he considers the finder to be the most important part of the system. The reasoning behind that is that closers and developers can be easily taught and trained. The finders on the other hand have a skill that is not easily taught or learned by others.

Watch the video here:

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