Our Services

    We specialize in strategic lead generation methods. This will give you the most qualified leads to help your business grow.


    We provide custom tailored strategies unique to your needs and goals in order to achieve the best results.

    Lead Generation

    We use a laser focused approach in order to get highly targeted and qualified leads.

    Paid Advertising

    For a more aggressive approach we can run and manage your Facebook Ads and Google Adsword campaigns

    On Going Campaign Management

    Our custom tailored strategies, and laser focused lead generation methods will provide a steady stream of clients for your company.

    Our Story

    Hi, my name is Phil Kim. I founded Zentrex Media to provide companies with effective digital marketing solutions that provide positive results. Our mission is to eliminate the headache that comes with searching for new clients so that your business can focus on providing the best products and services to your market.

    Zentrex combines the words Zen and Trek. The core of zen focuses on what is happening in the present moment. Trek embodies the attitude of exploration. Zentrex pursues what can be applied practically to the present moment through deep exploration of the digital world.

    Why Choose Zentrex Media?

    We don't try to work with everybody. Our philosophy is to only work with those that will benefit from our services. That means not every company we come in contact with will be a good fit. We use a strategy session to get an idea of what problems you are facing, and to see if we can provide the right solutions. Schedule a free strategy session today to see if we are the right match for your company.

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